Application steps

For the first year, students will be registered both at the two main universities of the consortium (University of Coimbra and Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel). Details on registration will be given to students after selection.

For the second year, students will always be registered in classes of one of the two main universities of the consortium (University of Coimbra OR Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel), but can choose to spend the entire school year in other university of the consortium.

So, applicants should select the elective institution for year 2 (indicating their order of preference among the 5 institutions). However, this selection is not binding. For the second year the consortium aims at an even distribution of students among the different institutions. Therefore, attending student’s preference will depend on the number of available vacancies at each institution. Selected applicants will be informed about this before registration. However, change of preference can always be done until March of the corresponding academic year, but must be approved by IMAE coordination.

Step 1: 

Read carefully the different specialization provided by the IMAE and described here.

Download and complete IMAE application form. Prepare the following supporting documents for step 2:

  • Degree certificate,

  • Transcript of records,

  • Two letters of recommendation (duly signed, merged  into 1 PDF, must be uploaded at the application platform),

  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge…) OR a letter stating that you are a native English speaker,

  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport),

  • Europass Curriculum Vitae (download template here),

  • Recent photography (passport template)


NOTICE: In the case of graduation diplomas obtained in a country outside the European Union, these documents should be certified by the Portuguese embassy or consulate in in the country where the issuing institution is located, or by Apostille Convention. In addition, if the certificate is not written in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English, it should be translated into Portuguese/English by an official and certified translator. 

See more about the Apostille Convention here.

Step 2: 

The application is done at the University of Coimbra platform INFORESTUD@NTE.

After completing the IMAE application form, save it as a PDF. Afterwards download the “Instruction manual for performing an application using INFORESTUD@NTE” here.

Follow the instructions in the manual and proceed with your application. All requested documents must be uploaded in INFORESTUD@NTE platform.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! After you receive the confirmation email from the IMAE consortium stating that you were accepted, please began to take care of you visa request (info here). It can take a while for the visa to be issued and you won’t be able to arrive on time for the beginning of the academic year.

Step 3: 

The registration on the IMAE and courses is done at the University of Coimbra platform INFORESTUD@NTE.

Confirm if you were ACCEPTED on the International Master of Applied Ecology. Afterwards download the “INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR ENROLMENT AND REGISTRATION IN COURSES USING INFORESTUD@NTE” here.

Follow the instructions in the manual and proceed with your enrolment. 

After completing this process, you will be an UC student. Congratulations and Welcome!


Selected students, after registration and after their arrival at the University of Coimbra, have until December 31st (of the 1st academic year) to validate the uploaded documents during application by presenting the originals directly to Academic Management Services during the hours for in-person assistance. You must bring the original documents and their copies so that their authenticity may be verified. The original documents will always be returned to you (more info here).

Which documents are mandatory?

  • Presentation of the Identification Document,

  • An identification document with a photo,

  • Presentation of the Vaccination record (comprising the tetanus vaccine),

  • Other documents requested during the application procedure (e.g. diploma degree and transcript of records),

  • Residence permit or Visa and its copy, if you are a foreign citizen (and if applicable).

Appeal process:


In accordance with UC rules, you have 10 week days to appeal if you do not agree with the committee decision. The purpose of appeal is to verify that the procedure has been applied correctly in accordance with the principles communicated to the candidate through the programme website and that no error has been made while processing candidate’s application.


To appeal contact IMAE coordination at

Selection Criteria:

  1. Academic excellence represents 60% of the score

  2. Motivation 25%

  3. Competences and practical experiences 15%.

All selections are based on equal opportunities.