Second year specialisations 

When you apply to the programme you can choose (or not, if you have no preference) between two specialization pathways (Environmental Quality Assessment and Conservation or Ecosystems Functional Analysis) and spend your second year in one of the five universities of the consortium.


During the 1st semester you will follow different courses at the host institution of your selection, but already start working on your thesis project.


During the 2nd semester you will be fully committed to your thesis project. The MSc defence will take place at the university where you have developed your thesis project and is done before a jury following the schedule and procedure of the hosting institution. Afterwards you will go to Coimbra for a farewell congress.

Specialization year 2 – 1st semester

The five specialized study periods proposed by the IMAE consortium members are as follows:

Specialization year 2 – 2nd semester

Master's Thesis, internship/placement experience with professionals:

The specific programme of the second year offers training and professional experience in private or public institutions under the supervision of the hosting institution. You will be able to devise integrative management solutions for complex environmental issues on a regional, national and international level in the public or private sector or as self-contractors.

These projects can be a valuable preparation and training in research for future doctorate studies in applied and/or fundamental ecology.

Organization of the Placement Projects: Each institution applies its own rules regarding the thesis document and the defence. The project can be performed in the hosting institution or outside, as long as the project is approved by IMAE coordination. Whatever the case, IMAE will impose co-supervision, with at least one supervisor within the IMAE consortium. This will guarantee comparable expectations on the students’ work.

IMAE Welcome Ceremony:

Upon completion of your Master's project and defence, if you wish, you can be reunited in Coimbra for a presentation of your work during the Welcome Ceremony. 


Newly-arrived IMAE students will attend the congress and will thus meet the graduating students and teaching staff. This event is a rich period for scientific and cultural exchanges between all of you and the incoming cohort.

The IMAE sponsors and potential financial backers can join the symposium and they will have the opportunity to meet the consortium members and student cohort and appreciate their project during the Welcome Ceremony.

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