Covid-19 has changed the normal modus operandi of many Universities (if not all) around the world. And IMAE universities are no exceptions. These times implies a different mode of teaching, either being with online classes, or with face-to-face classes but under strict rules.

This short text is to ensure you that all IMAE universities are implementing safety plans to deal with Covid-19, maintaining the desired and expected quality of classes. So, we advise you to contact the IMAE coordinators at the different Universities to get more information on their respective plans and modus operandi (see coordinator’s contacts at "Consortium") about classes and fieldwork for IMAE students (this is addressed specially to 2nd year students).

For 1st year students (and those 2nd year students staying in Coimbra) the University of Coimbra has implemented a safety plan to guarantee the regular functioning and face-to-face classes, although there are several safety rules that students and teachers must comply with.

The university will also implement a random screening program for COVID-19, involving the collection of around 100 samples daily (2000 people / month). This screening is not mandatory, however, it is an effective measure to be able to maintain the highest levels of security in all UC facilities.

You can also get general information about Covid-19 from each University on the following links:


University of Kiel: Information about the Coronavirus & International Center at Kiel University

University of East Anglia at Norwich: New Students FAQs

​Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul: info soon

University of Saskatchewan: inf soon