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I already have an MSc degree, or I’m following an MSc course at the moment.
Is it still possible to apply to this programme?

Yes, students holding a MSc. degree can apply for IMAE.

I haven’t completed my BSc degree. Can I apply for IMAE?

Yes, in this case applicants should do a "conditional application".

The conditional application is carried out by indication of the applicant during the process of application. If applicants do not collect the required documents or do not ascertain the completion of the course until the date indicated at InforEstudante, they may carry over their application into the subsequent call if there is one. Only the applicants who submit the missing documents within the deadline mentioned at InforEstudante can be included on the final seriation list.

Should my transcript of records be translated according to the ECTS grading scale?

Your transcript of records must be understandable (translated into English) and with an explanation of the system used (min and max score, passing rules, rank-order with other students and so on). If the system used in your university is very different from the European standard system, please ask your admissions office to write a letter of explanation or to convert your transcript into the ECTS grading scale.

I graduated in a different field than Ecology. Can I apply for IMAE?

Yes, of course you can apply! IMAE selection board will assess carefully the academic and personal paths of each applicant and its suitability. If your participation seems to be relevant, and if our programme sounds as if it will be helpful in the realization of your plans, you could be accepted.

During the application process, you will find, at the platform, a section called “Higher Education Qualification” with a compulsory subheading “Application based on subparagraph d)”. Click "YES" if your degree is not related to any field of Biology or Ecology.

More information in the document “Instruction manual for performing an application using InforEstudante” available for download in the "Application steps" tab.

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