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English Proficiency

Where should the scores of the TOEFL be sent? Is there any institutional code?

You must upload a copy of your test results on the application platform InforEstudante, together with all the other mandatory documents. Do not use direct transfer to the institution, IMAE Coordination prefers to receive all your documents simultaneously.

I passed a test (TOEFL, IELTS, …) in English few years ago. Do I need to pass it again?

You If your result was already above the requirement, it is not necessary. If not, you will have to pass again and try to reach the threshold.

My degree was taught in English. Do I need to provide a certified proficiency?

Yes, only native speakers are dispensed with this proof. We assume that a native speaker comes from one of the countries listed in our appendix.

If you are not native, you must provide a recognized proof of your proficiency. For instance, you can provide a signed statement from your degree-awarding institution declaring that the official language of your degree/master's is English.

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